These are the Agile HR Management and Communication services that our team can facilitate.

HR & Communications:

  • People Experience (from recruitment to onboarding and through career & learning paths)
  • Mentoring Manager/Team Leader
  • Training & Development (bottom-up and top-down)

We can assess the current state of your HR Communications efforts, strategy and implementation. We’ll look at your organizational model/structure and review all current manuals, protocols, standard operational procedures, social content and other written communications.

We can offer targeted mentoring to your small team, making the best use of modern agile practices.

We can customized training an development programs for your teams to implement, or be facilitators of training and development for individual or group talks and team seminars.

Business Development:

We can offer business development solutions targeted to your short-term and long-term business goals. We can assist you in making the local connections you need to grow in your industry/niche.

HR Project Management:

We can assume a project management role, and take on a HR or Communications project to allow your small business or start-up team to focus on other business or technological related tasks.

Leadership & Team Coaching:

We can offer 1-on-1 coaching to your team leads or group coaching sessions to your team, in order to empower their agile leadership skills and support the development of new competencies, that would impact the team, the business and the business ecosystem.

Agile HR & Communications Tool Kit:

We can develop a customized suite of tools for your business, team leads and teams. We can assist in the co-creation of these tools, and support your own in-house efforts with objective feedback and additional resources.


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