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These are the Agile & Co. website policies and terms of use.

Thank you for visiting Agile & Co. HR and Communications Consulting website and blog. The content on this web and blog is original and product of our professional expertise and research on the subjects of HR management, agile leadership and communications. If you would like to use any of the content on your site, please send us a brief message through the contact page.

Privacy Policy.
To all who may visit this web and blog, know that your email and other personal information you may provide will be cared for with the most confidentiality. This information will be gathered through our contact form or through email communication. No personal information will be given to third parties or used for push notifications.

We would love to publish your own professional articles and posts, just make sure that your contribution is consistent with the theme and tone of the blog. Your guest article will be published under one of the set post categories we write about. We will have the final say on whether or not a submitted guest article complies with the above criteria.

Terms of Use.
As a visitor and user of the blog, you are free to peruse the content and leave comments that are positive and offer constructive criticism. As the owners of the blog, we’ll reserve the right to delete any comment which we may deem negative in nature and which provides no added value to the web’s visitors or to our partners and clients.

As agile leaders and teams, expect our visitors to be professionals with an open mind, highly empathetic, critical thinkers with respect for other people’s views and opinions and who embrace an intentionally creative, optimistic and playful look at life and are conscious of the local and global impact of their thoughts, words, actions and skills.

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