Let’s work together

Our process is simple and streamlined. Here’s a basic outline of our interactions from start to finish.

1. After we receive your message requesting more information we’ll set up a complementary “discovery” call with you or your business representative or team lead.

2. On this call we’ll ask you a few basic questions about your business and about your targeted business’ wants and needs in the areas of HR, Culture, Communications, People Operations, Business Development, Talent Development, Change Management, Learning Management, etc.

3. If by the end of this call you believe we could serve you, your people and your business, we’ll schedule a 1 on 1 1 hour complementary meeting with you (your business representative or team lead.) To this meeting we’ll come prepared with a non-disclosure agreement (to be signed by both parties) and will offer a brief lean plan of solutions for your business, based on our previous call and research. At this point we may also define and agree on the full scope of the project and the agile frameworks proposed for its completion.

4. Within a week you’ll receive a full project proposal and service agreement from our team. This will include: flexible sprints timeframe, agile framework and tools, materials/resources, service invoice (based on agreed hourly rate or project fees) and method/process of payment.

5. Within a week of this project proposal you must request a review or reassessment of the propose plan of action. If no review is requested, we’ll expect the final signed agreement and first deposit at this time. Once the amount of the deposit has been received, the work in the project will begin.*

6. Once the project has been completed, we’ll set up a complementary retrospective session with you, your team and stakeholders. All remaining payments must be made in full by this time. All additional research will be sent to you or your team lead, and the project’s portfolio will be closed.

* In the case of 1 day talks, seminars or trainings**, the payment most be made in full before the day of the activity or event. *

**If the project in question is a learning or training experience, it can be delivered in a live/on-site or virtual/online format.**

***All our services may be provided in English and Spanish***

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