Micro-Post: Organize Agile Experience

Hi! Gabriela here 😉 This micro-post is a retrospective of my recent experience being part of Organize Agile foundational sessions on Agile Mindset and Management. I want to archive my insights here, for my future references and yours. The links you will find below are not affiliate links.

In four information-packed sessions, a diverse and multicultural group of people met on Zoom to learn and discuss modern agile principles for HR. 

Thanks in no small part to the team of agile coaches and facilitators from Organize Agile, and the curiosity and experiences of the participants, each session was highly inspiring. 

And as with every new learning experience, now that it’s over, comes the time for self-reflection through a retrospective look at what I saw, heard, did, and learned. 

What I saw

  • The energetic passion of all the facilitators for the topics of agile HR and HR agility, and its applications in the workplace, within the workforce, and in work-life.
  • Organized and well-thought-out presentations that seamlessly took us through the evolution of Agile and its implications; from the Agile Manifesto to Modern Agile and the instruments we can use to generate an agile transformation of people and organizational cultures.
  • Facilitators who were relatable, personable, empathetic, who encouraged participation, and made sure to include and validate every point of view.
  • Enthusiastic participants from all over the world, willing to learn and share.

What I heard

  • Agile vocabulary in action.
  • Testimonials of agile living-cultures.
  • Success Case Studies.
  • Encouragement and a vision of exciting possibilities.
  • Openness and transparency.

What I did

  • Check-In at the beginning of each session.
  • Participated in open discussions throughout.
  • Joined my colleagues in self-directing Breakout Rooms.
  • Explored new concepts through interactive tools – Used Mural for a variety of activities.
  • Enjoyed some Moving Energizers.
  • Retrospectives at the end of each session.

What I learned

  • The foundational principles and practices of modern agile, its applications and implication for HR, and our roles as leaders in its transformation.
  • The flow of Scrum and the basic tools for agile team dynamics; Kanban and APM.
  • The real-life application of agile performance management.
  • The foundations of organizational design based on value streams for business agility.
  • How co-creating roles and responsibilities adds a deeper sense of purpose and meaning to the employee experience.
  • Why mindset and culture as the drivers of lasting change.

I saw, heard, did, and learned these things and more. We all got a boost of creativity from shared agile energy, and most significantly, converged on the exciting possibilities that an intentional and consistent implementation of these principles and practices have for HR, the evolution of work, people, and organizations.

Organize Agile HR – International Group – 2020

I’m glad to be ending an unexpectedly challenging year on such a positive, growth-mindset note. 

Remember, there’s always time to learn something new!  Or to unlearn what we have learned 😉

Wishing you an agile 2021. And reminding you to stay #agileforlife


Next Step: To learn more about their 2021 training programs and gain lots of value from their free resources, visit and follow Organize Agile and Scrum Company.

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