Hello Agile Teams

This post is an opinion piece. Our arguments in support of agile teams and the benefits of developing an agile approach to HR are based on professional experience and research.

If 2020 taught us anything is that we, our teams, and organizations need to be ready and empowered to shift. Life and work shifted. Some of us struggled to find our footing. This dizzying experience brought to the foreground the imperative necessity to develop agile leaders & teams.

Why Agile?

  • Because change, challenges, and opportunities are a “given” in life and work.
  • Because it will make you, your leaders, and teams better prepared to face those changes, embrace the challenges, and always be looking out for new opportunities.

In this “hello world” post we want to welcome you and your teams into the Agile & Co. community. Whether you are already intentionally implementing an agile framework or aligning your teams to some elements of these methodologies, if your team leads and teams are in a constant process of assessment, discovery, implementation, and transformation, you are agile.

Here’s some of the content you will find in the blog section of

  • Current Agile topics of interest: articles about industry news, trends, and events.
  • Agile HR reading list and recommendations.
  • Agile HR & Communications tool kit. (free)
  • Training & Development videos/tutorials and workshops. (free – coming soon)

The posts and articles in our blog section will be mostly opinion pieces (unless stated otherwise.) We welcome your questions and comments in the section below each post or over on our social pages. You may find us and follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn & Twitter.

We may also publish your original content as a guest post. If you wish to add your two cents about your experience with Agile HR or a topic related to:

  • HR management and people operations.
  • Leadership or team development.
  • Best practices for the remote or hybrid workplace.
  • Applied research, or innovative processes in talent management.
  • Book Review or Self-promotion of your own book on a relevant subject.

Take a look at our privacy policy and send us a message with your guest post proposal, or link to the original source, through our contact page.

Agile people, teams, leaders, and organizations are the way forward, and they always have been. In times of change, challenges, and even chaos, those who are able and willing to shift quick and shift smart are the ones who not only survive but thrive.

It does not serve you, your teams, or your organization to linger in the past. Mistakes will be made. Uncertainty will always peek its head from behind a false sense of security, unforeseeable events will come to disrupt your work and your life.

Agile teams and their leaders know this. They use their fear of the unknown to fire up their creativity, their problem-solving skills, their optimism. They feel the fear and the panic, and they overcome both with consistent, productive, and proactive action.

We’ll explore and discover why and how in upcoming posts. For now practice and stay #agileforlife.


Recommended video: (by Organize Agile)

Agile & Co. is an HR & Comms. Consulting Firm, with a focus on People & Culture that embraces an agile mindset and management style. It serves small businesses, start-ups, and entrepreneurs, offering coaching, mentoring, or consultation, to assist in the co-creation, development, and transformation of their organizational flow and people experience, in a humanized, collaborative and agile way. Follow @myagilehr #agileforbiz #agileforlife

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